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TMT: So This is Why We Call It The Blockbuster

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time series that was begun here. My colleague Iba from I Luv Cinema, byway of his May 31st post, gets the credit, along with the upcoming Universal 100th Anniversary release of the remastered Blu-ray Disc of a landmark movie, for this memory download. The root reason the summer is the studios’ box office money-maker, and why us movie patrons take for granted, with all the matter-of-fact-ness we can muster, queuing for up for such things, is because of one Steven Spielberg film.

Forty Years Ago To the Hour: Beginnings by Chicago

There are moments that truly stay with you, at least while the brain cells hold out during our stay on this mortal coil. I daresay graduating from the cauldron that was senior high school being chief among them. It was, and still is, an institution that guaranteed the person that finished the undertaking no longer resembled the one who started it. Everything changed by the time you got the diploma in your hand. You weren’t the same physically, mentally, or emotionally when it was done. No one had an easy time of it, even the popular kids. If someone says they did, they’re l-y-i-n-g. High school was that oddly endearing modern rite of passage. And much like keelhauling, most merely wanted to survive the experience.

TMT: Hush, hush

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time series that was begun here. Since I am in the backstretch of my Versus AFI: 10 Top 10 arc, this month looking at the Mystery genre, it’s almost now a tradition I chronicle one of its selections in this series. My #1 pick of Chinatown was one of my early entries from last year. So, it’s fitting that the next memory I record here is one that I linked with that exceptional film.