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Same Song, Different Movie: Gayne’s Adagio by Aram Khachaturian

Continuing my thoughts from February regarding the use of song in film, “needle dropped” tunes are not officially considered part of a film score — those orchestral, choral, or instrumental pieces some consider background music. I think both are utilized as cues by filmmakers for a specific purpose or to elicit certain reactions by the audience. I’m fascinated by this in general, and movie soundtracks have specifically intrigued me.

TMT: Two of Us on the Eve

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time series that was begun here. Since I am continuing my Versus AFI: 10 Top 10 arc, this time looking at the Fantasy genre, it was only fitting I’d chronicle another of them in this series. Sometimes, triangulating, or even estimating, a date when such a movie experience occurred is the hardest aspect to achieve in these posts. This, however, was one of the easiest.

Friday Forgotten Song: Kyrie by Mr. Mister

Recently, author Joseph Maddrey concluded a wonderful set of articles with his final entry of a quite splendid southwestern trip he undertook and cataloged. His Four Corners Tour series looked, both pictorially and historically, at some decidedly beautiful locations in that region (a number of which were utilized in some classic and iconic films). It a worthy piece of writing and I highly recommend it to my readers. What was almost as interesting was his inclusion at article’s end of a memorable music video from the distinct period of big hair and padded shoulders that was the 80s. Mike and the Mechanics’ Silent Running being that song…