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TMT: The Whole Bloody Affair

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time series that was begun here. Since he was the impetus for the TMT series, something I’ve milked shamelessly, I owe the blogger and writer otherwise known as Colonel Mortimer a lot. I also must directly credit him for giving me a chance at this particular year old memory. For without his heads-up post from last February, who knows if I’d have had the chance to purchase tickets to see something here in my hometown that hadn’t been seen, outside a coastal town in France, except by a handful.

Reprise: Lee or Li?

Recently, Spike TV rolled out its two-hour “I Am Bruce Lee” documentary special (with more than passing references to the Ultimate Fighting Championship stable) earlier this month. It made me think back to the original and iconic Bruce Lee, someone I’ve long admired (and still ponder about from time to time). Then, I thought of the more recent martial arts movie hero (even though he’s pretty much kicking back from big screen martial arts film these days), Jet Li.