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40 Years Today: Play Misty For Me

My good blogging colleague from Edward Copeland on Film… and more is today celebrating the Ruby Anniversary (that’s 40 for those of you unmarried types) of an underrated Clint Eastwood film that deserves praise: Play Misty For Me. Four decades ago, this movie marked the release of a Universal Pictures movie with the actor in his first stint as director. That it was a Hitchcockian psychological thriller, rather than some standard action film, tells you something of what Clint wanted to achieve with the motion picture, and what he desired as a filmmaker. Ed kindly allowed me to write the tribute post on his blog, which can be found here:

“Careful! I might put your eye out.”

Happy Anniversary, Clint.

5 Responses to “40 Years Today: Play Misty For Me”

  1. This Is My Film | It Rains... You Get Wet

    […] The Hospital – Maybe it’s the fact that I’d end up working in healthcare, this black comedy (which the ’70s had a knack for) gave me a preview of what lay ahead for all of us. The Paddy Chayefsky script presaged his later masterwork and overtook The French Connection, Dirty Harry, and Play Misty For Me. […]



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