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Devil in a Blue Dress Film Review

“Now when someone’s telling me there ain’t nothing to worry about, I usually look down to see if my fly is open.” As expected, winter (as…


Yes, It’s Another Oscar Prediction

Since others are doing this, I might as well add my 2¢ to all of the proceedings before the show starts. Those listed in blue are…


Awesome New Graphics for THE THING

The Fro Design Co folks have put out these awesome new poster graphics for one of my all-time favorite films: John Carpenter’s THE THING. The top…



While I’ve put one blog into hibernation… Sleeping… But Not Gone … this one is now fully awake. Advertisements


A Bit of the Requiem in The Dramatist

Working a case is like living a life. You could be going along with your head down, pulling the plow as best you can, but then…