Still more lazy thoughts from this one…


A Verus Fabula

Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… I worked as a medical transporter. I started the job while finishing my college stint (circa 1977)…

father karat

The Death List – Part 1

Death in the movies. Like Death and Taxes, there’s no avoiding it. I guess I’ve been thinking about this subject, subconsciously, since like…forever. I distinctly recall one weekend a few years ago that triggered this; brought it to the surface. After participating in a fairly regular event in the blogosphere, one I very much look forward to. Another of Dennis Cozzalio’s semi-regular movie quizzes, in fact; fun as they are.

NYC view

Six Years Ago Today

Near the end of our last full day/night in the city, we headed out for the iconic Empire State Building. Between those hawking their independent tour services right…


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