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Film Watched

Next Up:

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Blu-ray Disc
RoboCop (2014) – Blu-ray Disc
Into the Woods – AMC Century City 15
Beyond the Edge – streamed via Netflix
American Sniper – Arclight Hollywood
Paycheck – AMC
Jennifer 8 – streamed via Netflix
How to Murder Your Wife – DVD
Tak3n – AMC Marina Marketplace
Selma – Cinemark 18
Blackhat – AMC Century City 15
Falcon Rising – streamed via Netflix
Black Sea – AMC Century City 15
Gun Shy – DVD
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Blu-ray Disc
The Sand Pebbles – TCM
The Whole Nine Yards – streamed via Netflix
Sabotage – streamed via Netflix
The Hunted (2003) – DVD
Autómata – streamed via Netflix
Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United – streamed via Netflix
Cheyenne Autumn – TCM
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water – Pacific Culver Stadium 12
Deliver Us from Evil (2014) – Blu-ray Disc
Grand Piano – DVD
Predestination – streamed via iTunes
Virunga – streamed via Netflix
How the West Was Won – TCM
Book of Life – Blu-ray Disc
Kingsman: The Secret Service – Pacific Culver Stadium 12
Starship Troopers – streamed via Netflix
The Last Samurai – Blu-ray Disc
Braveheart – Blu-ray Disc
A Most Violent Year – Pacific Culver Stadium 12
Boyhood – AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19
The Theory of Everything – AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19
The Imitation Game – AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19
Brokeback Mountain – streamed via iTunes
Strange Days – streamed via Netflix
King Arthur (2004 Theatrical Cut) – streamed via Netflix
Focus – AMC Century City 15 IMAX
’71 – The Landmark West L.A.
Murder by Death – streamed via iTunes
Locke – streamed via Amazon
Enemy – streamed via Amazon
A Good Day to Die Hard – Blu-ray Disc
The Expendables 3 (Extended Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
A Good Day to Die (Extended Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
Lethal Weapon 4 – REELZ
Incident at Oglala – streamed via Netflix
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) – streamed via Netflix
Run All Night – The Landmark West L.A.
The Late Show – streamed via Amazon
Mean Machine (2001) – streamed via Netflix
Son of a Gun – DVD
Conspiracy (2001) – streamed via Amazon
K2: Siren of the Himalayas – streamed via Netflix
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014) – streamed via Netflix
The China Syndrome – Blu-ray Disc
The Wrecking Crew (2008) – The Landmark West L.A.
The House of the Devil – streamed via Netflix
Levitated Mass – streamed via Netflix
Exodus: Gods and Kings – Blu-ray Disc
Practical Magic – streamed via Netflix
The Gunfighter (1950) – TCM
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – TCL Chinese Multiplex, TCM Classic Film Festival
Breaker Morant – TCL Chinese Multiplex, TCM Classic Film Festival
The Dawn of Technicolor – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
Lenny – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
The Cincinnati Kid – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
Raiders of the Lost Ark – El Capitan Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
Apollo 13 – TCL Chinese Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
The Man Who Would Be King – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
Malcolm X – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
The Wind and The Lion – The Egyptian Theatre, TCM Classic Film Festival
John Wick – Blu-ray Disc
Deep Blue Sea – streamed via Netflix
Charlie Victor Romeo – streamed via Netflix
The Alps From Above: A Symphony of Summits – streamed via Netflix
Lucy – Blu-ray Disc
Bound – streamed via Netflix
Furious 7 – AMC 7 Santa Monica
The Ten Commandments (1956) – ABC
Housebound – streamed via Netflix
TWA Flight 800 – streamed via Netflix
Donnie Brasco – streamed via Netflix
Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
Hooper – Blu-ray Disc
It Follows – AMC Marina Marketplace 6
The Last King of Scotland – DVD
The Monuments Men – Blu-ray Disc
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Blu-ray Disc
Deepsea Challenge – streamed via Netflix
Ex Machina – AMC Century City 15
The Ghost and the Darkness – streamed via Netflix
Kink – streamed via Netflix
Miami Vice (Theatrical Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE – streamed via Netflix
The Accidental Tourist – streamed via Amazon Instant Video
The A-Team (Extended Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
Aliens (Special Edition) – Blu-ray Disc
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Blu-ray Disc
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE II – streamed via Netflix
Rush (2013) – streamed via Netflix
Godzilla (1998) – streamed via Netflix
Chisum – TCM
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid – TCM
Lone Survivor – Blu-ray Disc
Avengers: Age of Ultron – AMC Century City 15 IMAX
Ball of Fire – DVD
Shampoo – DVD
Avengers: Age of Ultron – Arclight Cinerama Dome
Déjà Vu – Blu-ray Disc
Mad Max: Fury Road 3D – AMC Century City 15
Payback – streamed via Netflix
Run Silent, Run Deep – Blu-ray Disc
Blackhat – Blu-ray Disc
Fist of Legend – streamed via Netflix
The Homesman – streamed via Netflix
Anita – streamed via Netflix
Mad Max: Fury Road 3D – AMC Century City 15
Batman vs. Robin – Blu-ray Disc
Sphere – Blu-ray Disc
The Divine Move – streamed via Netflix
Tomorrowland – ArcLight Cinema – Culver City
World War Z – Blu-ray Disc
Michael Clayton – Blu-ray Disc
Ransom – Blu-ray Disc
Noah – streamed via Netflix
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE III – Blu-ray Disc
Hot Girls Wanted – streamed via Netflix
The Core – streamed via Netflix
The Thing From Another World – TCM
San Andreas – Kaahumanu 6, Maui HI
Spy – Regal Maui Mall Megaplex 12
Guardians of the Galaxy – DVD
The Hundred-Foot Journey – DVD
47 Ronin (1994) – DVD
The Anderson Tapes – DVD
Jurassic Park III – SyFy
Jurassic World – Kaahumanu 6, Maui HI
The Guest – DVD
Kingsman: The Secret Service – Blu-ray Disc
Jupiter Ascending – Blu-ray Disc
Inside Out – El Capitan Theatre
Battleship – FX
A Most Wanted Man – Blu-ray Disc
Jaws – Cinemark 18
The Prestige – Blu-ray Disc
The Shining – Blu-ray Disc
Room 237 – streamed via Netflix
Solaris (2002) – Audience
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE – Ghost Protocol – Blu-ray Disc
Defiance – streamed via Netflix
Antarctica: A Year On Ice – streamed via Netflix
Tequila Sunrise – Blu-ray Disc
The Babadook – streamed via Netflix
I, Frankenstein – streamed via Netflix
Terminator Genisys – ArcLight Cinema Culver City
U.S. Marshals – AMC
The Day The Earth Stood Still – TCM
The Lady from Shanghai – Blu-ray Disc
Amy – The Landmark West L.A.
Goodfellas – AMC
Jack Reacher – FX
World Trade Center – Showtime
Cold in July – Showtime
Raze – Showtime
Pulp Fiction – IFC
Silver Streak – Blu-ray Disc
Trainwreck – Cinemark 18
The Search for General Tso – streamed via Netflix
Hulk vs. Thor – DVD
Hulk vs. Wolverine – DVD
Watchmen (Director’s Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
BBC Battle of Britain The Real Story – streamed via Netflix
Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut) – Blu-ray Disc
WW II From Space – streamed via Netflix
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE – Rogue Nation – TCL Chinese Theatre
Mission: IMPOSSIBLE – Rogue Nation – Cinemark 18 ‘XD’
Wuxia (aka Dragon) – streamed via Netflix
The Peacemaker – streamed via Netflix
Dune (extended fan cut) – DailyMotion
The Good, The Bad, The Weird (aka Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom) – Blu-ray Disc
Muscle Shoals – streamed via Netflix
The Glimmer Man – Reelz
Collateral – Blu-ray Disc
Transporter 3 – IFC
An Honest Liar – streamed via Netflix
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – AMC Century City 15
Tesla: Master of Lightning – streamed via Netflix
Above the Law – Reelz
White House Down – FX
The Princess Bride – Blu-ray Disc
L.A. Confidential – Blu-ray Disc
The Naked Spur – TCM
Side Effects – streamed via Netflix
Fresh – streamed via Netflix
Casablanca – TCM
Serenity – Blu-ray Disc
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – AMC Century City 15
It! The Terror from Beyond Space – Blu-ray Disc
Under Siege 2 – Dark Territory – REELZ
Last Days in Vietnam – iTunes
Two Guns – Blu-ray Disc
Sergeant Rutledge – TCM
The Proposal (2009) – Lifetime
Survivor – streamed via Netflix
Drew: The Man Behind the Poster – streamed via Netflix
The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition) – The Aero Theatre
The Two Towers (Extended Edition) – The Aero Theatre
The Return of the King (Extended Edition) – The Aero Theatre
The Avengers – FXX
The Driver – Blu-ray Disc
Dear White People – streamed via Netflix
Sicario – AMC Century City 15
Ransom for a Dead Man – DVD
Iron Man 3 – FX
Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Blu-ray Disc
Pray for Death – DVD
Kung Fu Killer (AKA Kung Fu Jungle) – streamed via Netflix
The 13th Warrior – iTunes
A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Blu-ray Disc
25th Hour – DVD
Everest 3D – Cinemark 18 ‘XD’
The Martian 3D – Cinemark Century Playa Vista ‘XD’
Tower Heist – VH1
Everest: IMAX – streamed via Netflix
The Iron Giant: Signature Edition – AMC South Bay Galleria
The Big Country – TCM
The People Under the Stairs – Blu-ray Disc
Steve Jobs – The Landmark West L.A.
Avengers: Age of Ultron – Blu-ray Disc
Sicario – Cinemark 18
The Legacy – Blu-ray Disc
New Nightmare – streamed via Netflix
The Howling – Blu-ray Disc
An American Werewolf in London – Blu-ray Disc
30 for 30: Trojan War – ESPN
Dog Soldiers – Blu-ray Disc
Halloween II (1981) – AMC
Prince of Darkness (1987) – Blu-ray Disc
Zodiac – Blu-ray Disc
Vacancy – Blu-ray Disc
Intensity – DVD
Crimson Peak – Cinemark 18
Sleepy Hollow – Blu-ray Disc
SPECTRE – Cinemark Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15
SPY – Blu-ray Disc
Good Will Hunting – streamed via Netflix
Road (2014) – streamed via Netflix
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 – Cinemark 18 ‘XD’

2 Responses to “Film Watched”

  1. Francis

    Enjoyed your post on the main title sequence of Dr. Strangelove. Have you seen the new documentary on Pablo Ferro, which had a showing Tuesday at the Hammer Museum? Doc is called Pablo.


    • le0pard13

      Thank you and welcome, Francis. No, I had missed that and the screening. Sounds like a great subject for a documentary. I hope to catch it someday.



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