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Don't Worry Baby

Same Song, Different Movie: Don’t Worry Baby by Brian Wilson & Roger Christian

Sharing similarities in key and melody with the famous Phil Spector-produced work, Don’t Worry Baby was primarily about duos. The singer about to race a rival, drag racing in relevance to his girlfriend, and the heart and soul relationship existing between the girl and singer. It’s why, after a good number of years, the song continues to work well with lovers. In this case, Wilson’s longtime hit from 1964 was used in a tender, harmonious context for two different movies, song versions, and the manner deployed in a pair of scenes.


Best Album Covers: Eldorado

This is the next entry in Best Album Covers, a series begun right here. The first successful long-playing microgroove record for the phonograph was introduced by Columbia Records back in June of…


Reprise » My Only and One: Past Masters

Past Masters contains 33 non-album Beatles tracks – ranging from classic A-sides to hits sung in German – two CDs were released in 1988 called Past Masters Volume One and Volume Two. Although originally featuring a combination of mono and stereo versions, the remastered Past masters compilation contains only the stereo mixes, if they exist.


Reprise » My Only and One: Let It Be

The last released Beatles album, Let It Be, landed on 8th May, 1970. Originally intended as the eleventh LP for mid-1969 as Get Back, The Beatles held it up. Unhappy with the version Glyn Johns mixed, it was temporarily shelved. A new version of the album was created by Phil Spector in 1970, and was finally released with the launch of the cinema film of the same name. Serving as its soundtrack, and its own lament.


Reprise » My Only and One: Yellow Submarine

17 January 1969 saw the release of the Yellow Submarine album, which was the movie soundtrack to an animated film which had received its UK premiere back in July 1968. As before, only one side of the record contained songs performed by the Beatles. And of those six tracks, only four were new, and the remaining pair came from previous albums.


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